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Process modeling software for chemicals and biochemicals

Chemical process modeling and simulation Software

We believe that process modeling and simulation is key to the design and optimization of robust chemical and biochemical processes.

Process development often remains mainly experimental-based with a traditional trial-and-error approach, direct scale-up and simple use of statistical tools.

We are convinced that the fine chemical and biochemical industries will soon evolve towards more digitally designed processes based on fundamental characterization and understanding of phenomena.

Ypso-Facto is proposing a portfolio of innovative software for developing chemical and bio-processes.

By developing powerful and user-friendly process simulation software, Ypso-Facto aims at helping the industrial firms “enter a new era” for the development and production of their chemical and bio-chemical products.

We offer "ready-to-use" software packages as well as custom software solution for modeling proprietary or non-conventional processes.

Process simulation software

Ypso-Facto is launching three new software solutions for process simulation:

ChromWorks ™ 2017 version

Chromworks Software

Our leading chromatographic process simulation software allows a rational use of experimental data and simulation of standard single columns as well as complex continuous multi-column processes.
For more information, visit our ChromWorks™ 2017 chromatographic process simulation software section.

Ypso-Ionic ®, a new software package for the simulation of Ion Exchange processes

ionic Software

This software tool expands the ability of ChromWorks™ 2017 to the simulation of ionic interactions. Its versatility allows to simulate very different situations ranging from amino-acids purification, organic acids recovery or hydrometallurgy.
For more information, visit our Ion Exchange processes simulation software website.

Ypso-Proxima ®, an innovative software tool for process evaluation

proxima Software

Based on proven technical considerations and complete with a cost evaluation module, this powerful and user-friendly simulation tool is designed to match the approach and needs of chemists and biochemists.
For more information, visit our process evaluation software section.

Custom modeling offer

Your process is unique and may require a non-conventional approach in modeling and simulation. We can develop mathematical models for simulating specific unit operations or complete manufacturing processes.

We don’t fear challenges. Please contact us!

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